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Dividend information

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Final/Interim Ex-Dividend Date Record Date Date Paid Accounting Period Dividend per Share in pence Total Dividend for Year in pence
Interim 24-Nov-16 25-Nov-16 06-Jan-17 31-Mar-17 12.5
Final 07-Jul-16 08-Jul-16 19-Aug-16 31-Mar-16 27.80 39.5
Interim 26-Nov-15 27-Nov-15 08-Jan-16 31-Mar-16 11.7
Final 09-Jul-15 10-Jul-15 21-Aug-15 31-Mar-15 25.5 36.5
Interim 04-Dec-14 05-Dec-14 09-Jan-15 31-Mar-15 11.0  
Final 09-Jul-14 11-Jul-14 22-Aug-14 31-Mar-14 23.25 33.75
Interim 04-Dec-13 06-Dec-13 10-Jan-14 31-Mar-14 10.5  
Final 17-Jul-13 19-Jul-13 23-Aug-13 31-Mar-13 22.0 32.0
Interim 05-Dec-12 07-Dec-12 11-Jan-13 31-Mar-13 10.0  
Final 25-Jul-12 27-Jul-12 31-Aug-12 31-Mar-12 20.75 30.50
Interim 21-Dec-11 23-Dec-11 27-Jan-12 31-Mar-12 9.75  
Final 24-Aug-11 26-Aug-11 30-Sep-11 31-Mar-11 19.50 29.00
Interim 22-Dec-10 24-Dec-10 28-Jan-11 31-Mar-11 9.50  
Final 18-Aug-10 20-Aug-10 24-Sep-10 31-Mar-10 18.25 27.50
Interim 16-Dec-09 18-Dec-09 29-Jan-10 31-Mar-10 9.25  
Final 12-Aug-09 14-Aug-09 25-Sep-09 31-Mar-09 17.25 26.00
Interim 17-Dec-08 19-Dec-08 30-Jan-09 31-Mar-09 8.75  
Final 13-Aug-08 15-Aug-08 26-Sep-08 31-Mar-08 16.50 24.00
Interim 12-Dec-07 14-Dec-07 25-Jan-08 31-Mar-08 7.50  
Final 15-Aug-07 17-Aug-07 17-Aug-07 31-Mar-07 14.00 20.00
Interim 13-Dec-06 15-Dec-06 26-Jan-07 31-Mar-07 6.00  
Final 23-Aug-06 25-Aug-06 29-Sep-06 31-Mar-06 11.50 16.00
Interim 21-Dec-05 23-Dec-05 27-Jan-06 31-Mar-06 4.50  
Final 31-Aug-05 02-Sep-05 30-Sep-05 31-Mar-05 8.00 12.00
Interim 29-Dec-04 31-Dec-04 28-Jan-05 31-Mar-05 4.00  
Final 01-Sep-04 03-Sep-04 01-Oct-04 31-Mar-04 7.00 9.00
Interim 31-Dec-03 05-Jan-04 30-Jan-04 31-Mar-04 2.00  
Final 06-Aug-03 08-Aug-03 01-Oct-03 31-Mar-03 3.00 3.00